Facts about feudalism in europe

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facts about feudalism in europe

Feudalism Quotes (16 quotes)

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Published 17.11.2018

Feudalism in Medieval Europe (What is Feudalism?)

Medieval Life Feudalism and the Feudal System

The feudal system was introduced to England following the invasion and conquest of the country by William I, The Conqueror. The feudal system had been used in France by the Normans from the time they first settled there in about AD. It was a simple, but effective system, where all land was owned by the King. One quarter was kept by the King as his personal property, some was given to the church and the rest was leased out under strict controls. The King was in complete control under the feudal system at least nominally. He owned all the land in the country and decided to whom he would lease land. He therefore typically allowed tenants he could trust to lease land from him.

The bond of mutual loyalty between lord and vassal, which formed such an essential part of medieval feudalism, appears to have derived from the German comitatus described by Tacitus, the band of free fighting men associated with a prominent leader in an equal and honourable able status. The companions followed their chieftain into battle, sworn to fight to death in support of him. In return, the chieftain looked after their welfare, gave them leadership, provided food, shelter, and entertainment in times of peace. The Romans had long known a somewhat similar arrangement, in which clients commended themselves to a powerful patron, giving personal devotion in return for subsistence and protection. But this involved a definitely inferior status on the part of the client, and it was thus unlike the honourable relationship of vassalage which became a part of feudalism.

Feudalism is a system of land ownership and duties. It was used in the Middle Ages. With feudalism, all the land in a kingdom was the king 's. However, the king would give some of the land to the lords or nobles who fought for him. These presents of land were called manors.

Feudalism was the system in European medieval societies of the 10th to 13th centuries CE whereby a social hierarchy was established based on local administrative control and the distribution of land into units fiefs.
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  1. Feudalism shaped the Middle Ages in Europe and defined the social and economic relationships between people from the 9th through to the.

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  3. Feudalism and the related term feudal system are labels invented long after the period to which they were applied.

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