Jack reacher never go back parents guide

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jack reacher never go back parents guide

Killing Floor (Jack Reacher, #1) by Lee Child

This reads like an 80s action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A big tough ex-military guy drifts into a small town and is sucked into uncovering a vast criminal conspiracy through completely unbelievable coincidences. - Check.

Hero has a cool, manly sounding name: Jack Reacher. - Check

Hero is quickly given a personal grudge against the villains. - Check

Bad dialogue. - Check.

Stereotypical villains including corrupt businessmen and politicians. - Check.

Hero finds a few trustworthy allies, but is betrayed at some point. -Check

Hero shacks up with hottest girl in town within two days of meeting her. - Check

Hot girl gets kidnapped by bad guys at some point. - Check.

Stuff blows up real good at the end. - Check.

I know this is a really popular series these days, but unless it gets a lot better in later books, I just dont get it. Ive read far better action scenes from guys like John Sandford who actually write thrillers that have plots that hang together and dont trot out every action movie cliche in the process. Plus, there are massive gaps in logic. A murder victim turns out to be a federal agent who is working on a super-secret case that is so important that it literally threatens the United States. Yet, after hes killed and its reported, nobody else from the government even shows up to check it out. WTF? I can gloss over unrealistic procedural stuff in the interest of a good story, but since this isnt a good story, the plot loopholes are too horrible to ignore.

Another problem is that Child couldnt make up his mind if he wanted to write just an action novel or a detective story, and he tried to split the difference. Not good.

Reacher is the worst fictional detective Ive ever read. Giant clues are put in front of him that anyone who has ever read a book or seen an episode of television since 1962 would instantly recognize, but he misses them. Yet, when called for, he can make ludicrous leaps of intuition that would make Sherlock Holmes scratch his head at the sheer implausibility of them. This might have been a better book if Reacher was just a revenge driven killing machine mowing through the bad guys without the pretense of playing detective.

This would have been 1 star, but I gave it an extra star because the main piece of the criminal plot is actually kind of clever and not something Id read before. Unfortunately, its the only original thing in this book.*

* Update 4/10/16 - I recently read another crime novel that used an identical idea of (view spoiler)[ bleaching $1 bills to use for counterfeiting purposes (hide spoiler)]. Since that book was published 36 years before this one it seems a lot less original then I initially thought so I took away that second star.

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Jack Reacher Tom Cruise becomes a fugitive and operates above the law when he discovers a conspiracy that has sullied his name and that of a trusted friend Cobie Smulders. Violence ensues as the pair attempt to uncover the truth. Run Time: minutes. So he hitchhikes around the country and uses his lethal skills to right wrongs committed by corrupt soldiers and law enforcers. The vigilante shares his activities by phone with a trusted friend still in uniform Major Susan Turner Cobie Smulders.

A former military police investigator Tom Cruise visits his old army base to see the new commander Cobie Smulders. Upon arrival, he finds her in the brig for treason and then he's charged with two murders and a paternity suit. He determines to discover who and what is behind the conspiracy. Directed by Edward Zwick. A man is seen shirtless and we see his bare back and chest. Halloween parade scenes include a dancing woman wearing a bikini and other women wearing low-cut blouses and leotards that reveal cleavage; a few dresses are short and some legs are covered with fishnet stockings.

Reacher is the hero in the popular book series by Lee Child and the film series starring Tom Cruise, and it seems there's nothing he can't escape. Sure, he might kill a few people and break a few necks along the way, but the odds are that he's walking out alive. Army Military Police Corps who travels the country and constantly finds himself in the middle of trouble. But somehow, he always ends up on the right side of things. In the newest movie, Reacher Cruise is framed for murder and his friend Major Susan Turner Cobie Smulders is wrongly accused of espionage, but both escape custody thanks to Reacher and begin trying to find the people who truly were responsible for the crimes. It won't be easy, though. And those bad guys not only want Reacher and Turner dead, but they're also after a girl, year-old Samantha Danika Yarosh , who is believed to be a daughter that Reacher never knew.

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