A color wheel of humanity

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a color wheel of humanity

Scarlet Moon: A Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood by Debbie Viguie

1.5 stars.

I liked Stephan!! I wanted a awesome brother/sister relationship where Stephan helps her figure out what to do about William and is there for her and protective and awesome.....But no. Just kill off the brother and all the potential for greatness. Thanks a lot.

So I like the idea of the wolf being a were wolf, or something really similar, but I wish that it would have been more of a mystery to figure out. As it is, you can tell by reading the back cover and by page 3. Real subtle.

I wanted to like Ruth and William as a couple but a few things were against them.


What if I devour you? he asked at last. She pulled back slightly and touched one of his eyeteeth with her fingertip. I hope that you do, she breathed.

What? No. I can assure you, Ruth, that that would not be good.

That sounds like a super great start to a healthy life long relationship.

(Also, Touched one of his eyeteeth? Who does that?)

B. Ruth is afraid of William....and is still considering marrying him without actually knowing him? Sure, she knows that hes cursed and he seems nice....right? But since he met her, he cant control his wolfy actions. He blacks out after being a wolf. He thinks that having Ruth would be worth the death of a hundred people, but hes not sure he can make that decision, condemning a hundred (or more) people to death all so that he can be loved and love in return.
Im all for helping the poor guy but hes got issues. A lot of them. And until he resolves them, dont get too close.

C. He practically killed you as a kid. Thats gotta be off putting.


She glared at him as he stepped closer. We should never see each other again, he said.
That is fine with me, she said, stepping back again until her back hit the wall.
She stared deep into his eyes, and suddenly she saw something, a change in them. His voice was little more than a growl. Unfortunately that doesnt work for me.
Than his hands were on her waist and his lips were on hers. She moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave in to his embrace. She was pinned between him and the wall with nowhere to go even if she had wanted to. But I dont want to go anywhere. I want to stay here with him, be a part of him.
He gently bit her lip, tugging on it slightly with his teeth, and she closed her eyes. Its no use, he said, pulling away ever so slightly. I tried to forget you, but I cant, not now, not ever. I need you, I dont care what the consequences. Just knowing you, loving you, makes me crazy. If that is my fate, Id rather go mad with you by my side.
He kissed her cheek and then trailed kisses down her throat.
We are only going to destroy each other, she whispered. I should leave now and never return.
Its too late for that, he said, gazing at her fiercely.
You love me, dont you?
Yes, she whispered. God forgive me, I do.
Then I shall never let you go, for I love you.
I could run.
I would catch you, he growled against her lips.
I could kill you.
Only your absence could do that.
You cant make me stay with you.
I will marry you and then you will have to, he said.
What if I dont agree to that? something inside her forced her to ask.
He pulled away from her, and his green eyes bored into hers with an intensity that made her quake. Then Ill make sure your father forces you to marry me.
And how will you do that?
I dont know. I will not lose you, though.
She felt white-hot flame explode throughout her being. I have no choice but to marry you?
She smiled slowly. Then kiss me again.

Pages 121 and 122 in the mass market paperback by Simon Pulse.


At this point in the story, I no longer cared about them as a couple. I didnt like nor did I respect William. He doesnt love Ruth. If he loved her, regardless of personal pain, misery, or effort, he would want her to be happy and safe. And if that meant losing her in his life, he would have done it; had he loved her. As for what these two have.... Attraction? Infatuation?

Ruth is just silly. This, in a real life situation where all is not fairytales and gumdrops, is not a safe relationship. Get the heck of out his life. He needs help. He is controlling, possessive, and dangerous. He would force you to marry him! What part of that is in any way good?

This should have been her reaction to all that:


and then ran like hell.

Also, ending a sentence in a preposition: She was pinned between him and the wall with nowhere to go even if she had wanted to.
is grammatically incorrect.

And then there was Peter. Heard that coming from a mile away. It was blowing a horn and wearing tap shoes.

And then there was the anti-freaking-climatic ending.

Ruth: Oh, yeah, we still need to break the curse else William nom me to death one night he gets a little too excited but there is only two pages left. What to do?

William: *nomming on Ruths neck*

Grandmother: Idiots. Youre cured now, William. Happy wedding present, you two. I never want to see you again. It was Magic.

The End.

Not recommended. The very few things that made this interesting and different were sunk like the Titanic by the truly horrendous romance and characters.
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Colour Theory: The Truth About The Colour Wheel

To create a color wheel of humanity, Angelica Dass paired portraits with Pantone cards.
Debbie Viguie

The Wonderful Color Wheel: Part 1

We tend not to dwell on the shade of pantyhose; but in truth, the way commercial colors and products are named can be really restrictive. A few years ago, French artist Pierre David was invited by the Museum of Modern Art Brazil to create an installation that addressed identity and diversity in the South American country. Hoping to involve Brazilians directly in the project, Pierre asked 40 museum employees and art students to pose shirtless in a series of portraits. He organized the shots into a Pantone-inspired swatch library, and asked an industrial paint company to mix 40 cans of paint to match the participants. At the same time as it foregrounds the banality of tone-based racism, Human Pantone is meant to celebrate the remarkable diversity of skin colors. Which is actually really cool.

A color wheel or color circle [1] is an abstract illustrative organization of color hues around a circle, which shows the relationships between primary colors , secondary colors , tertiary colors etc. Some sources use the terms color wheel and color circle interchangeably; [2] [3] however, one term or the other may be more prevalent in certain fields or certain versions as mentioned above. For instance, some reserve the term color wheel for mechanical rotating devices, such as color tops or filter wheels. Others classify various color wheels as color disc , color chart , and color scale varieties. As an illustrative model, artists typically use red , yellow , and blue primaries RYB color model arranged at three equally spaced points around their color wheel. Intermediate and interior points of color wheels and circles represent color mixtures. In a paint or subtractive color wheel, the "center of gravity" is usually but not always [6] black, representing all colors of light being absorbed; in a color circle, on the other hand, the center is white or gray, indicating a mixture of different wavelengths of light all wavelengths, or two complementary colors, for example.

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The right colors for your skin tone: is this color warm or cool? ? Justine Leconte

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. File information. Structured data.

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  1. 5 days ago 'I strongly believe black and white don't exist,' says photographer Angelica Dass. For six years, she has matched thousands of people's skin.

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