Khmer fairy tale new 2018

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khmer fairy tale new 2018

Serann and the Prince of Angkor: A Cambodian Cinderella Story by Camron Wright

True love still exists, no matter where you live or how much money you have. Tales like Cinderalla exist in almost every nation because they give the reader a glimpse of true hope for everyone despite their current conditions. After all, who doesnt want to live a life that doesnt include hope?

I love this type of read and especially love reading the similar yet different version of each nations fairy tales. Knowing that despite our political differences, we, as people, are more similar than not and despite the cynical nature of the world as a whole, I still believe that deep down the majority of people are more positive than they let on and that everyone has that inner hope for themselves, whether it be for love, friendship, financial security isnt the issue. Ultimately it comes down to HOPE for our futures and that is what I believe will keep our nations growing....if we as individuals can get the politicians out and let the people and their hopes and dreams speak out and prevail.

Although this is a quick read and listed as a fairy tale, I believe that this, and many other fairy tales, have not just a moral to them but can directly speak to just about anyone reading them, if they are willing to open their hearts to the characters and see how alike they are to you and I.

Will take just a short while to read but the joy from doing so will linger with you for a ling while ~ I HOPE.
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What is Cambodian Folklor? Post a Comment Let's be friends My friend asked me why I post too many videos of the Royal Cambodian Ballet on my facebook. I said, " What's wrong with that? I love our dance!

Psychedelic surf rock is not something Westerners generally associate with Cambodia. If we think about Cambodia at all, we might recall the murderous tyrant Pol Pot, who led the Khmer Rouge in executing more than a million Cambodians in the infamous Killing Fields in the mids. Faces are reduced to spots on wallpaper. Unique, irreplaceable souls become indistinguishable bodies. Stories dissolve in an ocean of horror.


Fractured fairy tales are part of the focus of our current bimonthly theme. During the holiday break, I borrowed several fairy tale picturebooks from the library. A big chunk of my library loot was comprised of different versions of Cinderella as re-imagined by various authors and illustrators. This post is the first of a few that I would be sharing with you. Of all the classic tales, Cinderella is perhaps the most popular. There are so many versions of the European story that I decided to sort the books into their own themes.

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