How to write a story about horses

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how to write a story about horses

Writing Horses: The Fine Art of Getting It Right by Judith Tarr

How far can a horse travel in a day? What does a horse eat? When is a brown horse really a sorrel (or a bay, or a dun)? What do tack and withers and canter mean?

In this long-awaited and much-requested book based on her Horseblog at Book View Cafe, author and horse breeder Judith Tarr answers these questions and many more. She looks at horses from the perspective of the writer whose book or story needs them as anything from basic transport to major plot device, and provides definitions, explanations, and links and references for further research--leavened with insight into the world of the horse and the humans who both use and serve him.

How fast can a horse run? What happens when a foal is born? How have humans and horses evolved together over the millennia? And above all, what mistakes do writers most often make when writing about horses, and how can the educated writer avoid them?

Here is a guide to the fine art of getting it right.
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THE HORSE AND THE DONKEY - English Bedtime Story -- Animated Storytelling - Kids Time

If you like to read horse stories, maybe you'd like to write them too. The best horse stories have plenty of action: catching horses, training them, riding them.
Judith Tarr

Writing horse stories

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Like everyone else, horsepeople love a good story. Some of us go a step further and yearn to tell our own horse stories or write our own books. Like riding, however, writing takes a disciplined approach to master, along with lots of practice. Fortunately, we can build on what we already know to make the overall learning process go smoothly. Like riding, writing is a skill that takes a disciplined approach to master, along with lots of practice. The course stretches in front of you.

If you write fantasy, you probably have a horse or two in your story. I took riding lessons for years and read way too many books about them, both fictional and non-fictional. When I started writing my first fantasy novel, you had better bet I had horses in it! But not every writer is a horse person. They always say write what you know, and I knew horses so that was what I wrote.

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  1. How to Write a Fictional Story About Horses. Horses can make for a very interesting topic for a story. Many people are fascinated with these.

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