Where does jerry lee lewis live

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where does jerry lee lewis live

Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story by Rick Bragg

Jerry Lee Lewis has lived an extraordinary life. He gave rock and roll its devils edge with hit records like Great Balls of Fire. His incendiary shows caused riots and boycotts. He ran a decade-long marathon of drugs, drinking, and women, and married his thirteen-year-old second cousin, the third of seven wives. He also nearly met his maker, at least twice. He survived it all to be hailed as one of the greatest music icons. For the very first time, he reveals the truth behind the Last Man Standing of the rock-and-roll era.
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Jerry Lee Lewis - Live in The Halle Georges Carpentier (1989)

That Time Jerry Lee Lewis Married Myra Gale Brown — His 13-Year-Old Cousin

So, as a music fan, when we get the chance now to see and appreciate the remaining legends you cannot pass up those opportunities. Lewis might now be in his 80s, but the man who electrified audiences with his theatrical piano playing -- like kicking the piano bench out from under him and playing standing up, playing with his heels, standing on top of the piano and more — still has that fiery element that made many dub him the first Wildman of rock. Adding to the magic for him though is in recent albums he has played with friends like Kris Kristofferson, Keith Richards, Neil Young and Robbie Robertson. Kristofferson and wife Lisa tell me they will be spending Thanksgiving with Lewis, one of their closest friends. The bromance between Kristofferson and Lewis is palpable when you speak to both. Lewis will head back into the studio soon. And as with his last few albums, this with be a friends and family affair again.

Judith, wife number seven, is telling me how best to get on with her husband. There was the time he drove up to Graceland, drunk on liquor and high on pills, with a gun on his dashboard, demanding that Elvis come down from the house on the hill to prove who was the real king. There were the two wives who died in tragic, some have said suspicious, circumstances. But this is the past, says Judith in her deep Mississippi drawl, and the past is a faraway country. Myra was the most controversial, because she was only 13 years old when Lewis wed her. Jerry Lee Lewis is preparing for his final tour to the UK next month, to coincide with his 80th birthday. And Lewis, growling and yelping, beating seven bells of hell out of that piano with his hands, feet and elbows, snakes of hair falling over his forehead, is one of its most memorable performers.

He began playing the piano at age 9, copying the styles of preachers and black musicians that traveled through the area. He signed with Sun Records in and quickly became a star. He was the first person inducted into the first class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in After suffering a stroke and spending two weeks in the hospital, Jerry Lee Lewis has been transferred to a rehabilitation He is with his family, recuperating in Memphis and the doctors expect Sign-up to receive email updates from Jerry Lee Lewis with information about news and upcoming events. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content.

He began playing the piano at age 9, copying the styles of preachers and black musicians.
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Myra Gale Brown was just 13 and still believed in Santa Claus when she married Jerry Lee Lewis.

Lewis had been married twice before. His second marriage had caused quite a stir when people realized it had taken place 23 days before his first divorce was final.

Jerry Lee Lewis born September 29, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and pianist, often known by his nickname, The Killer. A pioneer of rock and roll and rockabilly music, Lewis made his first recordings in at Sun Records in Memphis. However, Lewis's rock and roll career faltered in the wake of his marriage to Myra Gale Brown, his year-old cousin. He had minimal success in the charts following the scandal, and his popularity quickly eroded. In the early s, he did not have much chart success, with few exceptions, such as a cover of Ray Charles 's " What'd I Say ". His live performances at this time were increasingly wild and energetic.

He was one of the few who saw things so simply. There were several issues in the eyes of others. Firstly, Myra Gale Brown was 13 years old. Secondly, she was his cousin, the daughter of his bassist J. Thirdly, she was his third wife. Fourthly, their marriage had taken place before the second divorce had been finalized. It took Lewis a decade to rebuild his career.


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