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little things 2 dice media

Little Things by Dice Media

Little Things by Dipen Shah is nothing but a visual to text of Little Things Season 1. Theres nothing more or less in the book. It is far too dark to appeal to most fans of the little things web series. Id a huge hopes on this novel, now I regret waiting for this book to release for months together.

There are many books out there which are made into movies. But not all those movies based on the novels have become a huge success. In such case we feel like the movie failed to do the justice to the novel. We love the novels more than the movie. But in this case it is contrariwise.

This 207 pages long book can be finished in one-sit reading, within an hour. The fonts are huge, I didnt like the page alignment. Instead of printing 200 and odd pages could have finished in 100 and odd pages. There are a few sketches as well, which again, nothing new as it is taken from the web series directly. If theres anything less in the book that would be a brand endorsement which are used in the web series.

Overall, I wouldnt recommend this book for those who have loved & enjoyed watching the Little Things first season. If you havent watched the web series yet and you want to watch and as well as read this book. I would suggest you to read this book first and then watch the series. At least then you might be satisfied. Or else Its better to skip this novel and just stick to the web series. The Unimpressive writing style, my huge expectations, unexpected postponing of the book release at the regular intervals pushing it for months to months (Was waiting since January) I would rate this book 1.2 out of 5 Stars!
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Dice Media - Please Find Attached - Mini Web Series - Official Trailer

Dhruv Sehgal

Netflix has announced that Little Things season 2 will premiere October 5 worldwide on the streaming service. Alongside, it has a released a teaser trailer for the new season, which follows the everyday adventures of Kavya Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Dhruv Sehgal , a twenty-somethings couple living together in Mumbai. Created and written by Sehgal, the second season has been directed by Ruchir Arun, whose short Mandrake! Join Kavya Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Dhruv Sehgal , a young unmarried couple, as they navigate the complicated world of relationships, careers, and aspirations in the fast-paced city of Mumbai, while always cherishing the little things that make life worth living. The series celebrates the sweet and sour moments of life and their new-age relationship.

Mumbai: Dice Media, yesterday unveiled the season finale episode of its popular original web series, Little Things. The 5-episode rom-com web series captured the in-between moments of the relationship of an everyday couple. Since the release of its 1st episode, the series has received an overwhelming response, with a total of over 8 million views, over 70, shares and 50, comments. Amidst Mother Nature, Kavya speaks her heart out to Dhruv about the question almost every millennial is asking today what do I really love? What do I really want to do with my life? In the episode credit sequence, we also get a surprise peak at the flashback story how the couple met at the movies, how they got to know each other, and how they moved in together.

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The second season of 'Little Things' which premiered on Netflix on October 5, features Mithila and Dhruv as a young unmarried couple. Photo YouTube. We didn't even think of talking to each other to start with. In spite of knowing each other for three years, it's only this year that we made an effort to talk to each other and know each other off camera," she added. The series shows how they navigate the complicated world of relationships, careers and aspirations in the fast-paced city of Mumbai, while always cherishing the little things that make life worth living. Recalling the day when they had an "awkward" conversation, Mithila said: "When he had just started thinking of 'Little Things', Dhruv said 'Let's meet for tea just to have a conversation'. We met and thought 'Okay, this is awkward'.

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