Healing childhood trauma in adulthood

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healing childhood trauma in adulthood

Childhood Trauma Quotes (127 quotes)

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Published 26.11.2018

How Childhood Trauma Can Make You A Sick Adult

Emotional and Psychological Trauma

A common theme that runs through all psychological approaches is that what happens in childhood has a huge impact on our adult lives. Everything that occurs is therefore amplified and goes a long way to shaping how we react to things. This is especially true for people who have suffered childhood trauma. Childhood trauma plays a major role in the development of unhealthy defenses. If you never process it, you will continue reacting to life in the way you did as a frightened child. Fortunately, there are now many psychological treatments for childhood trauma, even decades after the event. Here is everything you need to know about treating childhood trauma.

Regardless of whether you were physically attacked, bullied, sexually assaulted, or chronically neglected, the pain of childhood trauma can sting for decades after the original incidents. Researchers have found that childhood traumas can negatively impact permanent development changes in the brain, and be an ongoing contributing factor to various psychiatric problems like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and post traumatic stress disorder.
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Overcoming trauma

Emotional and psychological trauma is the result of extraordinarily stressful events that shatter your sense of security, making you feel helpless in a dangerous world. The more frightened and helpless you feel, the more likely you are to be traumatized. Viewing these images over and over can overwhelm your nervous system and create traumatic stress. Experiencing trauma in childhood can result in a severe and long-lasting effect. When childhood trauma is not resolved, a sense of fear and helplessness carries over into adulthood, setting the stage for further trauma. However, even if your trauma happened many years ago, there are steps you can take to overcome the pain, learn to trust and connect to others again, and regain your sense of emotional balance.

By Nicola Kirkpatrick. Many people have not had ideal childhoods. If you've experienced childhood trauma or abuse, you are not alone. Your trauma is real, and your feelings are valid. There are helpful resources and tools for you to learn how to cope with your childhood trauma, and move forward toward a fulfilling and productive life.

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  1. Apr 2, Trauma generates emotions, and unless we process these emotions at the time the trauma occurs, they become stuck in our mind and body.

  2. Oct 30, Many adults, those who have suffered childhood traumas and those who have not, believe that How do you start healing childhood trauma?.

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