Lavenders blue mother goose club

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lavenders blue mother goose club

Lavenders Blue by Kathleen Lines

This is a book of nursery rhymes for small children. This is the sort of book that is just not fun to sit and read. Its fun to open it, read one nursery rhyme, maybe two, and close it again. Additionally, you can tell that they really tried to include the best of the old nursery rhymes, however, after reading a few of them in a row you start to question whether or not they are even worth preserving.

I was really hoping to find some forgotten gems in this book. Unfortunately, I instead realized why so many of these are forgotten. Because they just arent that much fun anymore or arent relate-able anymore.

Now, this is good for looking up some you liked and are familiar with and actually reading all the lines or realizing you had the words wrong.

Instead of trying to read this whole book to a small child, I would recommend pre-reading the book, marking the good ones and just reading those. My daughter started out enthusiastically listening but it ebbed quickly as I had to explain many of them as they were just so outdated.

We read the first 58 pages over a span of a few weeks, but, then my daughter didnt want anymore of them read to her. I figured Id better move on to other books before she lost interest in reading.

So, yeah, dont try to just read this one to a small child. Pick out the good ones, read those occasionally and then it could be an enjoyable experience.
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Lavender's Blue, a song by Mother Goose Club on Spotify.
Kathleen Lines

Lavender’s Blue

Triple Set A-B-C. Most content is anchored by nursery rhymes, terrific tools for developing reading readiness in young children. These simple rhymes teach phonemic awareness, vocabulary and story structure. Spending a few minutes each day reading or singing nursery rhymes with a child is a simple and enjoyable way to promote early literacy. Mother Goose Club is a collection of educational content for preschoolers featuring six colorful characters from the Mother Goose world.

Lavender's Blue Lyrics: Lavender's blue, dilly dilly / Lavender's green / When I am king, dilly dilly / You shall be queen / Who told you so, dilly.
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Distributed by: Elephant Records, Inc. Drive Entertainment, Inc. Casablanca Kids, Inc. Humpty Dumpty 2. Move Over 3. Simple Simon 4.

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