Which city is in two continents

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which city is in two continents

Istanbul: City of Two Continents by John Cleave

Istanbul: City of Two Continents showcases both the historical as well as the modern aspects of Istanbul-a fascinating capital of two past empires and the largest city in modern Turkey. The illustrations, artistically rendered using digital techniques, feature famous landmarks together with the lesser known but equally evocative areas of modern Istanbul. The historic centre of Istanbul is an overwhelming record of Byzantine, Ottoman and republican history; of incomparable religious buildings, fine secular architecture, and bustling commerce. To the north, across the fabled Golden Horn, fashion centres, high-rise buildings, and the lastest in shopping malls cater to a thriving economy. To the east lies the Bosphorus. Lined with enchanting waterfront houses, palaces and castles, this bustling waterway joins the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, and forms the boundary between Europe and Asia. On the Asian shore, which houses one-third of the citys population in ever-spreading suburbs, the historic co-mingles with fine stores, lively cafes, and tranquil marinas.
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Istanbul - About Turkey?s biggest city between Europe and Asia (travel documentary in HD)

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John Cleave

Istanbul, the city that lies on two continents

Transcontinental cities, which are cities located on two continents, are pretty rare. They're also exciting tourist destinations. Spanning two continents means these cities have cultural influences that come from two distinct parts of the world. In order of population, here are five cities that exist on two continents:. Most of Atyrau is on the continent of Asia, but enough people live on the European side for it to be considered a transcontinental city. Russia is known for having lots of rivers , and the Ural River separates the two continental sides. The city's economy relied on fishing and trade until Soviet times.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey contributing to the history, culture and economy of the country. Istanbul is one of those very few cities in the world that lies in two continents, i. The city has pulled number of visitors, two years after it was named a European Capital of Culture, making the city fifth-most-popular tourist destination in the world. The cultural and entertainment hub of the city can be found across natural harbor, the Golden Horn. Rated as a global city, Istanbul is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan economies in the world.

Although not the capital, Istanbul is the cultural, economic, and historic center of Turkey, and the nation's most populous city. Istanbul is a historic city that continues to honor and preserve its legacy as a former capital of three empires: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empiure. The European side of the city, Thrace, is the economic and historic hub, while Anatolia is the Asian side of the city. Nationally, the city is located in the Marmara Region in the northwestern part of Turkey, covering an area of 2, square miles. Istanbul is close to the boundary of Eurasian and African Plates, near the North Anatolian Fault that has been responsible for many earthquakes throughout Istanbul's history. The majority of the population is Muslim, particularly Sunni Islam, while the largest Christian denomination is Eastern Orthodox. There are many ethnic minority groups, the largest being the Kurds, which has a population between two and three million people.

This is a list of countries located on more than one continent , known as transcontinental states or intercontinental states. While there are many countries with non-contiguous overseas territories fitting this definition, only a limited number of countries have territory straddling an overland continental boundary , most commonly the line that separates Europe and Asia.
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Atyrau, Kazakhstan Population: 220,000


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