A very good day working

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a very good day working

How to Have a Good Day: Harness the Power of Behavioral Science to Transform Your Working Life by Caroline Webb

In How to Have a Good Day, economist and former McKinsey partner Caroline Webb shows readers how to use recent findings from behavioral economics, psychology, and neuroscience to transform our approach to everyday working life.
Advances in these behavioral sciences are giving us ever better understanding of how our brains work, why we make the choices we do, and what it takes for us to be at our best. But it has not always been easy to see how to apply these insights in the real world – until now.
In How to Have a Good Day, Webb explains exactly how to apply this science to our daily tasks and routines. She translates three big scientific ideas into step-by-step guidance that shows us how to set better priorities, make our time go further, ace every interaction, be our smartest selves, strengthen our personal impact, be resilient to setbacks, and boost our energy and enjoyment. Through it all, Webb teaches us how to navigate the typical challenges of modern workplaces—from conflict with colleagues to dull meetings and overflowing inboxes—with skill and ease.
Filled with stories of people who have used Webb’s insights to boost their job satisfaction and performance at work, How to Have a Good Day is the book so many people wanted when they finished Nudge, Blink and Thinking Fast and Slow and were looking for practical ways to apply this fascinating science to their own lives and careers.
A remarkable and much-needed book, How to Have a Good Day gives us the tools we need to have a lifetime of good days.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “A Very Good Day” from Working

Working - New Album After many years without a current album, Working has been recorded by a London cast. It includes some of the newer songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda not previously recorded, as well as the older classics.
Caroline Webb

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This revamped version of Working begins with a raw stage that is being prepared by actors and technicians for the performance that is about to begin. It starts on Monday morning, as the actors introduce their characters and prepare for their day "All the Livelong Day". Mike Dillard, an ironworker, is the first whom we meet, as he shares the pride of his manual labor and his frustrations in the lack of recognition that he receives for his simple, yet important, work. Meanwhile, in the land of office cubicles, Amanda McKenny, a project manager at a major business, and several other employees whose personalities are confined to their cubicles, comment on what they do to pass the time of their boring jobs. Amanda, however, has aspirations that are bigger than her current job and shows her determination to work her way up through the ropes. Next, Freddy Rodriguez, a fast food worker who is thrilled when he gets to deliver food and receive tips "Delivery" , talks of his hopes of saving enough money to live out his dreams one day. Rex Winship, a hedge fund manager and Amanda's boss, tells us of his enjoyment in leadership and the attraction of women to money.

The musical was first staged at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago from December through February It then was produced on Broadway at the 46th Street Theatre , opening on May 14, where it ran for 24 performances and 12 previews. The musical has undergone several revisions. Schwartz revised the musical, which includes two new songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. A further revised version opened at the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place , Chicago, starting in February in previews through June, with direction and revisions by Gordon Greenberg. Faye Butler.

Berkshire Theatre Group - Unicorn Theatre

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A Musical in 2 Acts. Based on the book of the same name by Studs Terkel. Adapted and directed by Stephen Schwartz. The situations are everyday situations. But this musical is anything but ordinary. A different look at the seemingly humdrum lives of working people reveals a myriad variety of hopes, aspirations and dreams.

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