Inspirational stories about second chances

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inspirational stories about second chances

Second Chances: More Stories of Grace by Max Lucado

We humans are prone to failure. We’re experts at muddying, mixing, and messing up our lives. Who among us hasn’t looked up from the bottom of a pit and realized he dug it himself? Who hasn’t fallen so far, messed up so badly that she thought there was no hope? And it’s at these low points that we crave reminders that there’s hope for the broken.

No reminder is quite as poignant as a story of second chances. A story of grace in action. Who couldn’t use more stories of grace like this?

Second Chances releases just in time for Easter promotions and is an ideal companion to GRACE: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine. Filled with biblical, contemporary, and imaginative accounts of God’s grace in action pulled from Max’s previously published works, Second Chances includes tales of second chances for the rebellious, prideful, failure-prone, and more. From Peter to King David to a prodigal daughter, these stories will remind readers of the magnitude of the gospel of second chances.
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A second chance part 2: Charity Kathure's story

A Story of Second Chances

Everyone makes mistakes. But not everyone is given an opportunity to make things right. Not everyone gets a second chance. That is why if you are given the opportunity to fix your wrongs, you should be careful and play your cards right. Make sure that you do not make the same mistake twice. A choice. I once came accross a saying that goes, you can never make the same mistake twice because the second one was a choice.

June 17, , was the day I left Manhattan and moved west to Colorado, with only my 5-year-old twins by my side. Only hours before, we'd said goodbye to family and friends and to the apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side where the twins were born -- the apartment where we lived as a family of four with their father, Brett, and later, after his long battle with brain cancer ended, just the three of us. Extreme life changes are rarely sudden, but this one came to me clear as the Denver skyline. I'd turned 40 in May and along with that milestone birthday came the end of a decade of caregiving and mourning and the beginning, or so I hoped, of a brighter future. Why Denver?

In December of , my husband, Mike, and I had decided to expand our family by adopting a son. If you will notice, this was a singular reference…son…. In September of , we had adopted three beautiful Russian sisters and, enjoying our new family, decided that we could handle another child…. In an adoption portfolio, we found a family of four children that we could not seem to forget. The one little guy had his head tilted to the side and just seemed to pull us into the picture with him. We talked.

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During the summer before eighth grade, I noticed a few lumps on my neck about the size of my thumb. They felt hard, immense, and uncomfortable. At first, I ignored them, thinking they would go away; but they didn't. Finally, I told my mom. Mom was a doctor and could recognize almost any type of disease. Patients, whose medicine their doctor gave them failed, often came to seek my mom for eastern treatment.

Many times we get down and discouraged because we fall short and sin and think God will never forgive us. The truth is God waits with open arms to forgive and receive us unto Himself again, but we must recognize our faults and repent before Him. The Bible says God is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness, so never think God is mad at you or will not forgive you. Billy Graham. I found great comparison with this story and the forgiveness that God has towards His children.

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  1. A SECOND CHANCE. During the summer before eighth grade, I noticed a few lumps on my neck about the size of my thumb. They felt hard, immense, and.

  2. I often think about how I got to where I am today and how somehow everything that has happened, big or small in my lifetime have made me a better, happier, wiser and stronger person.

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