Abraham lincoln hat cut out

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abraham lincoln hat cut out

Abe Lincolns Hat by Martha F. Brenner

Personal Response:
I liked this book because it talked about how Abe Lincoln helped other people. He always liked to help people and he always was trying to solve peoples problems.

In the beginning of this book, there was a poor man named Abe Lincoln. He was the lawyer of his town. The first time that he had some money, he went to the store and he bought his first big hat.
Even though he was a really good lawyer, he had one problem, he never had his paperwork organized. He used to put all his important papers in his hat. He decided to travel to different towns to help people. He traveled long distances to get to those towns. The people of the town said Abe Lincoln could make a cat laugh. He was very funny, and he was always making people feel good. Abe took care of a lot of cases, but one day he received a call from his best friend asking his for help. Duff, the son of Abes friend, was in jail. Abe went to his friends town and he solved the case. Abe Lincoln ran for president, but he lost the first time. He tried to run for president again and the second time won. He was the 16th president. He abolished slavery.

Abe Lincoln was the main character. He was a really poor man but he was really smart. He worked hard and became a lawyer. He also became the president of the U.S. He was an honest man. He was known in the towns as funny and kind. He loved to help people and everyone loved him a lot.

Impacts Of Setting:
Abe Lincoln was born in Illinois, but in the end of this book, he moved his family to Washington. The book doesnt tell us what specific year he was born, but we know he was born in 1809. This book took place over several years. The setting of this book is important, because it took place during the Civil War.

Thematic Connection:
The theme of this book is that you have to standup for your beliefs and fight for what you think is right. Abe Lincoln believed slavery was wrong, he worked hard to become the president and to change the law.

I recommend this book to all people who like to hear funny jokes, because Abe Lincoln was very funny in this book. I recommend this book to 10 year old boys and girls.

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Construction Paper Abraham Lincoln Costume

Abe Lincoln Hat & Beard Craft Kit. This hat and beard is a fun costume for President's Day! Makes 12 sets! Foam. Each with an elastic band. Hat, read more.
Martha F. Brenner

Abraham Lincoln Unit Study Crafts and Activities for Kids

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Put the cap on the box and then wrap black paper, felt or craft foam around the box. Leave opening unwrapped. And, there you have it…. How did it turn out for you? Let me know in the comments below. Now, go wear it proudly. These tutorials make for fun and easy crafts to do with […].

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Abe's head is made from a paper plate and his stovepipe hat from a rolled up paper lunch bag.
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Here are some basic tips on how to create your very own homemade Lincoln top hat for school or Halloween. The following tools you will need are large scissors, stapler, black acrylic paint, and glue. You can get these supplies at any art store like Michaels or Aaron Brothers. Allow about half an hour for it to dry. While you wait, you can move to the next step. With a pair of large scissors, cut large black poster card 24 inches wide by 18 inches long.

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  1. Honor our 16th president by having your kid assemble his famous stovepipe hat! This Abe Lincoln hat craft is the perfect way to celebrate Presidents Day.

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