Neither of us is are

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neither of us is are

Welcome to Dead House (Goosebumps, #1) by R.L. Stine

Amanda and Josh think the old house they have just moved into is weird. Spooky. Possibly haunted. And the town of Dark Falls is pretty strange, too. — But their parents dont believe them. Youll get used to it, they say. Go out and make some new friends. — So Amanda and Josh do. But these creepy new friends are not exactly what their parents had in mind.

Because they want to be friends...

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Incubus-Neither of us can see

Neither of us is or neither of us are?

Neither allows us to make a negative statement about two people or things at the same time. Neither goes before singular countable nouns. Neither parent came to meet the teacher. Neither dress fitted her. There were two dresses and not one of them fitted her. We use neither of before pronouns and plural countable nouns which have a determiner my, his, the before them:.

Think of 'neither of us' as meaning 'not either one of us' (and therefore referring to a singular). In spoken English, the plural is often used and.
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We hate grammatical errors with passion. Learn More. Neither is saying that "not vodka" or "not rum" in the singular, so neither, by itself, is correct. Also, were you to use the combination of the two in your discussion of ideal, the combination would be a singular in the context, so 'neither is' would still apply. Yes, you would use is unless they were grouped together to create a plural.

When you use either 'either' or 'neither', A and B must be of the same grammatical type:. However, 'wine' is actually short for 'drink wine. If both A and B are singular, the verb must also be singular. If either A or B is plural, the verb must also be plural. The page encountered an error and needs to be refreshed. After this lesson, you will be able to form many sentences that provide two possible options or outcomes. Exercise 1.

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  1. Your sister appears to be correct. 'Neither of us' is understood as 'neither one of us' and is treated as singular. From the Commnet "Guide to.

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