Bachenge to aur bhi ladenge

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bachenge to aur bhi ladenge

Abhas Vermas Blog, page 3

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Published 25.11.2018

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Name: Ahmed Message: congress party loose a shoulder of the body. It's very sad news.

What our textbooks don't tell us: Why the Rajputs failed miserably in battle for centuries

Margashirsha Krushnapaksha 8, Kaliyug Varsha Eighteen year old Vishwasrao preferred to die on battle field that extended from Lahore to Delhi and Yamuna to Narmada! They did not budge even when calamites befell them. Such Marathi valour on the Panipat battle field! From where did they get such strength?

His elder brother was Jayappaji and his younger brother was Jotiba. He was the elder half-brother of Mahadaji Shinde who later became the confederacy head of Gwalior , and regent for his nephew Jankoji Rao Shinde I from until his death. He was a Maratha military general who was given the command of Punjab during the Afghan-Maratha Conflicts over the regions of North India in — Marathas won Attock and Peshawar in — and wanted to expand their rule up to Kandhar. After years Hindu rule had come back in Punjab and Indus. Raghunathrao then returned to Delhi.


Jankoji was forbidden to participate in the skirmish. Soon after it was known that Dattaji was martyred and it was at once decide to proceed towards south-west in the direction of Rewadi were his camp followers were sent with Ruparam Kothari and Ramaji Anant Dabholkar, the Sindhia's Diwan. The Durranis pursued Janakoji for twenty-five miles and then returned. It was impossible for Janakoji to ride a horse with his aching wound which had become worse by the first day's headlong flight. As the whole baggage had been looted by the pursuers or left behind as heavy, there was no palanquin with carriers in the whole army. After covering thirty miles in this manner, with great trouble Janakoji reached his camp with the remnants of his broken army after midnight that day.

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