Deep down in my heart

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deep down in my heart

Show Me the Money - The Reiki Way: Midas Star, Infinity Abundance Grid, Money Affirmations, and more by Reiki Rays

Money is an important part of our daily lives. Consciously we take jobs and do all kind of services in exchange of money but unconsciously, we keep considering financial prosperity as being something bad or something we dont deserve to get without working really hard and sacrificing a lot.

This love-hate relationship with money can be easily changed from the inside-out. Instead of you chasing the money, prosperity, and abundance, let everything come to you and be open to receive.

Show Me the Money book offers practical, simple and efficient day-to-day methods for you to change your relationship with money and become abundant in all areas of your life. All its content is based on some of the best articles of Reiki Rays archives on money and abundance topics written by our featured Reiki authors, experienced practitioners, and teachers from all over the world.

The book is part of the Reiki Wisdom Series - a project meant to raise awareness and help people understand Reiki, its benefits, and how to further develop their spiritual practice.

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Somewhere deep down in my heart... I still love you!

I've Got the Joy In My Heart

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It is often included in Gospel music and a cappella concerts, songbooks, and Christian children's songbooks. He was the author of "Joy in My Heart" which was copyrighted in but not renewed. At that time he was living in Wilmington, Delaware. He was a minister and associated with a group called Gospel Crusaders which was associated with the Methodist Church. He ran the Delmarva Camp, a Methodist camp that held gospel meetings and revivals. As a young man, he twice circled the globe in evangelistic tours with Commissioner Samuel L. Brengle of the Salvation Army.

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