Friday night lights a sort of homecoming

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friday night lights a sort of homecoming

Homecoming (Boys of Fall, #3) by Shannon Stacey

Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.

Homecoming was all about Jen and Sam who had a hot and heavy night months earlier during a town fundraiser. And now hes back in town to help the local football team whose coach is out on medical leave. And all that hot and heavy passion and attraction? Still sparking strong even if its the last thing either of them thinks they need since hes only there temporarily and shes not looking for a short term fling...

I did really like these two. They give everything they have to the kids at the school. Making sure theyre on the right track and have a solid presence in their lives to talk to when they need it or have a babysitter for their pumpkin-babies from health class. Theyre good people and have nice chemistry. It was kinda fun seeing them insisting they were just having fun but actually falling in love.

This was more of Sams journey. Jens pretty solid on the home front and with her job but Sams pretty much up in the air with everything. I liked seeing him come home and start to mend the very broken relationship with his mother. It had me tearing up a couple times as they dealt with the pain from the past and tried to move forward as a family.
Before I go back to Texas, Im going to get you a better phone so we can talk and do videos and stuff, okay?

She looked nervous again. Im doing okay, but I dont know if I can afford that.

Im going to add you to my plan.

A family plan.

He understood why she said the words in such a quiet voice. It was a stupid thing most people probably took for granted, but for them to share the word family--even if it was just a cell phone plan--was profound. Yeah. Well have a family plan.
While I liked a lot of things in this one I did have some trouble. Im used to the slower speed of the series but this one felt even slower than normal and dragged a bit. My big issue, though, was the drama that was inserted into their relationship towards the end and made out to be an insurmountable issue...when really it wasnt. I didnt buy their meltdown and what was causing it. It never should have been an issue and took this down from a 3.5 to a 3. (view spoiler)[ he got a job in the next town thats 45 minutes away and that was just a deal breaker because no way could either of them drive the 45 minute commute (they claim weather in winter) and not once did anyone suggest how about find a house halfway between so you each have a 20 minute drive. (hide spoiler)] I just couldnt accept that as an instant break up or real hurtle to overcome.

So. Some issues but not a bad read overall. I do think the series as a whole is well worth the read. I loved watching a town in crisis start to mend itself and the people who call it home. Its not always an easy story to read but its heartwarming watching them all come together to save their town and heal their relationships. Its a slow moving series but its very touching and has been a lovely time I think. And its not all doom and gloom. There are wonderful friendships that add a good bit of laughter and smiles in as well. So worthwhile even if this wasnt the strongest of the series.

Oh man. I cannot wait for this book. Again with the cover though. They just so do not match this series. Damn good reads though.
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9.24.14 BCTV Homecoming Friday Night Lights

"A Sort Of Homecoming"

Sign in. Alex Borstein , RuPaul , and other stars at the Emmys answer our fans' burning questions. Watch now. Title: A Sort of Homecoming 20 Nov Coach Taylor tries to foster community interest in the East Dillon Lions by staging a pep-rally while dealing with the increasing friction between Vince and Luke, his two star players.

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It's a high praise to the writers of Friday Night Lights that even with a practical episode like "A Sort of Homecoming," which is meant to set up next week's tear-jearker "The Son" , they still managed to make a vital episode in the show's canon. See photos from the series. Part of what makes "A Sort of Homecoming" work, in spite of its perfunctory purpose, is how a couple of interesting themes tie the episode together. First is the odd duck "wingman" theme, where one character is accompanied by another in a surprising way. The alpha-male pissing match carried over from last week ends with Luke joining Vince in a jail cell; Julie provides support for Devon at "a gay place"; and my favorite -- Riggins helps Becky pick out a pageant dress, like some Texas football-themed episode of Project Runway. There were even a couple of throwback wingmen -- Matt inviting himself to go hunting with Riggins loved the 33 embroidered camouflage hat , and Buddy finally getting on board and joining Coach in creating the beginnings of an East Dillon booster club. The other fancy bow tying the episodes together was repeats of "the shoe on the other foot" situations.

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  1. Coach Taylor tries to foster community interest in the East Dillon Lions by staging a pep-rally while dealing with the increasing friction between Vince and Luke.

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