Map of alt music history

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map of alt music history

The Trouser Press Record Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Alternative Music by Ira A. Robbins

Note: Despite several name changes, these are several editions of the same book.

1st Ed. (1983) published as The Trouser Press Guide to New Wave Records.
2nd Ed. (1985) published as The New Trouser Press Record Guide.
3rd Ed. (1989) published as The New Trouser Press Record Guide (Revised Edition).
4th Ed. (1991) published as The Trouser Press Record Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Alternative Music.
5th Ed. (1997) published as The Trouser Press Guide to 90s Rock.

The Trouser Press Record Guide has been hailed by music fans and the record industry as the bible of nonmainstream rock, stretching across the stylistic boundaries of punk, grunge, indie-pop, techno, noise, avant-garde and ska into hip-hop, new country, metal, roots rocks, folk, modern dance and world music.

All new and bigger than ever, The Trouser Press Record Guide to 90s Rock definitively covers 2,300 of this decades most innovative and influential artists, reviewing 8,500 records -- insanely obscure and familiar alike -- from all over the world. Each insightful entry contains pungent critical analysis, biographical information and a complete album disography.

Selected praise for The Trouser Press Record Guide to 90s Rock

My trustworthy fact checker, be-all-and-end-all arguement settler and the last word on modern rock. I dont go on the air without it. -- Gary Cee, WLIR-FM

Still the most comprehensive guide through the labryrinth of indie and alternative rock. WHen you need a refresher course on all of Steve Albinis bands, or if you just want to know what Boy George did after Cultrue Club, this is the book to grab. -- David Browne, Entertainment Weekly
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Evolution Of Alternative Rock

It started with the Sex Pistols. The concert now ranks as one of the most influential performances of all time, up there with Woodstock. But the audience, not the band, made the show famous.
Ira A. Robbins

From the Smiths to Green Day, map explains the detailed history of alternative music

Lumping millions—billions! But when we lump together generations with clusters of pop cultural references, it always seems to give the concept flesh. These lineages seem fairly obvious, as does the progression from the Ramones through the Smiths in the four large circles in the center, which drive powerful currents to the disparate likes of Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Shellac, the Human League, and Can. Does it work historically? What matters here is that it works: exploring the number of intricate connections between these bands with more breadth and immediacy than most alternative culture histories. Would you like to support the mission of Open Culture? Or sign up for our daily email and get a daily dose of Open Culture in your inbox.

Check out the full chart below. The poster is available for purchase here. What are your thoughts on this look at the history of alternative music? Let us know in the comments! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

You're looking at Dorothy Studio's beautiful map of the history of alternative music , available as a poster from their website. Screen printed metallic gold onto a dark blue uncoated stock. A charted history of counter-culture rock music spills out from there, though not in any kind of linear, board game kind of way. PixelDanc3r also on Instagram made this adorable and intricate map of the USA in a pixel-art style similar to the overworld maps from bit era games. Thank you very much to neomammalian for the support and give me this opportunity!!

While some of the biggest alternative acts like Blondie, Nirvana, or Green Day can command plenty of radio time, there are many, many bands that have thrived off of the airwaves. And likely, whether you're using Arcade Fire as some background ambience or a '90s alt-rock Pandora station as encouragement to fight for your right to rage against the machine even as you dutifully fill out your tax returns , alternative music as a genre is perfect for any number of moods. The history of alt music, in fact, covers such a varied assortment of artists both famous and obscure that it can be difficult to visualize their scope.
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