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flight patterns by sherman alexie audio

Bad Person Quotes (17 quotes)

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Flight Patterns

Each of us living in the United States identifies as being American, yet why is there still a resonating sound, murmurs of stereotypes created from our past, still present in today's society? William, a business man in America, is due to board a flight to begin his work day. He is introduced as "an Indian who didn't smoke or drink or eat processed sugar", one of the many stereotypes present throughout this story. William is an urbanized Native American, still tied to his Spokane Indian Tribe roots, having "long black hair" in "two tight braids" while also intermixing with the Americanized ways of living, wearing suits and also being a recognized member of the "notebook computer tribe and the security check point tribe This shows that racial problems are not only present among adults but also in children as the future become a greater mixture of differing racial identities.


Tiana Elyce Montoya. The themes that are presented in Sherman Alexie's, "Flight Patterns" are important for a variety of different reasons. The story revolves around the encounter of two people who both were of minority. The theme of fear, is the most important in "Flight Patterns" because it revolves around the idea that fear was universal. There was fear in every person, whether they were a minority or not. The fear of those of minorities was the most prevalent because they were no longer looked at as every other American, now they were looked at as a possible threat. People who were living in the United States were some of those responsible for the terrorist attacks.

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  1. In the story Flight Patterns by Sherman Alexie, the exposition beings with the main character William and his morning ritual.

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