Poems about a womans curves

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poems about a womans curves

Curves Quotes (22 quotes)

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Published 23.11.2018

Alysia Harris - "This Woman"

A Woman's Curve - Poem by Randy McClave

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"Real women have curves"

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads., She pondered, "where is my curve", That all men want to observe, She then cursed as she stared into her mirror That shape couldn't be found, so she sheds a tear.

We are curvy with more handles than we know how to love we are thighs without gaps faces both maturity slim and little girl round. We have been wrestling with these bodies treating them more like battle grounds than temples more temporary homes than lighthouses we have pinched, pulled, and tugged allowed shattered mirrors and hate words to blind our perceptions. We refuse to be shamed into covering these curves as if they were disposable pieces or x-marks for digging out unwanted treasures to make someone else more comfortable. This body, is a temple with sacred novels and Holy Scriptures etched into our bones built to hold more passion than a human being can fathom. You were made for glory, the human epitome of a light a spirit so vast, that it had to be contained behind flesh to tone down the brilliance. This body is glitter and yet, we wake up, tell our bodies before they even start breathing that they are wrong that each day they have failed at their chance of being something worth holding. These bodies have done us nothing but good they have loved us through every skipped meal, cried tears for every time we compared them to another, wrapped their arms around us when everything else felt distant.

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