A sacred shift a book about personal practice

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a sacred shift a book about personal practice

A Sacred Shift: A Book About Personal Practice by Marlee Grace

Ive been following her dancing since very early on - cant remember when or how I stumbled across it - but she is an inspiration and I was very excited when this finally showed up in my mailbox. Did not disappoint, though Im not sure I could lend it to anybody without making sure theyd watched enough of the feed to get it first. Which, in general, everyone should do anyway. Gentle, hazy, reflective, dreamy, not too concerned with communicating the details or whether the details coming across are the important ones; trusting the necessary details to reveal themselves to each person who finds a connection. Largely composed of impressionistic lists.

And that is my best shot at a review. This one might be better: I loved it, and also the cover feels good on your fingers.
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A Sacred Shift: A Book About Personal Practice Paperback – July 11, This item:A Sacred Shift: A Book About Personal Practice by Marlee Grace Paperback $ How to Not Always Be Working: A Toolkit for Creativity and Radical Self-Care by Marlee Grace Paperback $
Marlee Grace

A Sacred Shift: A Book About Personal Practice by Marlee Grace

A Sacred Shift is a book I wrote cataloging the first year of my project Personal Practice, where I publicly document dancing every single day. So many tiny and giant shifts happened in my life during the past year - and Personal Practice documented every day of it - I always shared full truths but in many ways was vague - and felt drawn to make a catalogue of sorts sharing every place, song, feeling, change, collaborator, and shift. It's also a call to transition the project from the computer screen to something you can hold in your hands, read to a friend, send to a lover, set under your nightstand and save for later. I had become accustomed to using Instagram as a mode to share my work at my business Have Company, and felt like a feed dedicated to only dancing would be helpful in staying accountable to myself - and it seemed the only way to really make the shift into "dancing more" was to commit to doing it every single day - even on the days I was so tired, grieving, traveling, missing, lonely, or just didn't feel inspired or "called" to move. The book is about 2 weeks from being totally finished, and then my dear friend Richard will be laying it out into a real life book! This book is being printed 'on demand' with the goal of printing 1, copies - so as long as the goal is met that can happen! And if more are desired more can be ordered!

A beach, an airport, a rest stop, a graveyard, an outlet mall bathroom: These are a few of the places where the dancer Marlee Grace has filmed herself improvising during the past two years. While Instagram has become a go-to forum for dancers recording themselves in class and rehearsal, Ms. When she uploaded her first video , shot at a cemetery in Lancaster, Pa. But for about a year, beginning in the fall of — a time of personal upheaval during which she went through a divorce and moved from Michigan to the West Coast — she filmed herself just about every day. Her goal was to spend more time dancing, and it worked. These are edited excerpts from the conversation.

Have Company brick and mortar store in Grand Rapids, Michigan which closed, but the online shop is still open. When it started it was just a digital space, just a place. I had no expectation. I just knew I needed a digital space to put things, that weren't finished. There was no book in mind, no desire to practice daily. But then within a few weeks, I found myself doing it every day.

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