Things you need to know about kittens

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things you need to know about kittens

100 Things You Should Know About Cats & Kittens by Steve Parker

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Published 23.11.2018

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Kittens

“I remember the first time I fostered kittens and how worried I was about scaring them,” says Jane Harrell. “What I didn't know was that that was a critical.
Steve Parker

Kittens For Dummies Cheat Sheet

But it can also be dangerous for kittens, with more and more kittens needing our help. We have resources to help people who find kittens outdoors. Learn how to help them at alleycat. If you find kittens outside, know that mom is probably close by. If you have the time and resources, you can humanely trap mom and kittens and foster them. If mom is not friendly, she should be spayed and returned to her outdoor home.

From Kittens For Dummies. Who can resist a kitten — a fuzzy bundle of mad antics and big, winsome eyes? But kittens are rambunctious, not to mention curious, and your small feline bundle of fur may encounter something that necessitates a quick trip to the vet. Take your kitten to the vet immediately if you notice. Pooping more than twice in an hour or straining in the litter box with no results.

Join Now. Bringing home and raising a new kitten is an experience that's loaded with challenges and rewards. Whether you're considering getting a kitten or have already welcomed a fuzzy little bundle of joy into your life, you no doubt want to be the best pet parent. Keep reading to learn all about kittens and how to give your tiny friend the best start in life. Raising a kitten is an entirely different experience from having an adult cat. Kittens have boundless energy and curiosity, which means they require a lot of your time and energy.

Provide a welcoming space

Bringing home a new kitten can enrich your life immensely. These little balls of fur are an unflagging source of love and laughter.

When it comes to raising kittens, the philosophy is pretty similar to that of bringing up children. So if you recently adopted a kitten, start incorporating this advice as soon as possible. Just as a human infant has vastly different needs than a teenager, a kitten will have care requirements distinct from those of a fully matured cat. Now when I foster kittens I do everything I can to get them exposed to as much as possible — loud noises, walking on leashes, strangers, you name it! It all helps them become better-adjusted, healthy adult cats.

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