Famous poems about adam and eve

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famous poems about adam and eve

Adam And Eve Quotes (69 quotes)

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A collection of the all-time best famous Adam-And-Eve poems by history's most popular famous poets. Read and share poems from this select list of the best.

A Rita Dove Poem About Adam and Eve, Consciousness and Desire

Poets wonder and re-envision the scene. When God Dreamed Eve through Adam. When Adam saw her, muscle of a new day, when he squatted to smell the musk between her legs, when he leaned down. When he took a few steps back to appraise her with the mind of sun, the heart of moon, to praise her. With the applause of leaves bestirred, to seduce her with the iridescence of lizard skin, to navigate into the current of her. The atoms and elements that spun into his inception— with all creation pulsing in his temples, his wrist, with his unique.

When the first dark had fallen around them And the leaves were weary of praise, In the clear silence Beauty found them And shewed them all her ways.
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A tree of blood soaks the morning where the newborn woman groans. Her voice leaves glass in the wound and on the panes, a diagram of bone. The coming light establishes and wins white limits of a fable that forgets the tumult of veins in flight toward the dim cool of the apple. Adam dreams in the fever of the clay of a child who comes galloping through the double pulse of his cheek. But a dark other Adam is dreaming a neuter moon of seedless stone where the child of light will burn. A very unique description of Adam! Lorca's poetry has amazing imagery and metaphors, surrealistically reaching out of the usual.

But not the one, God had forbade, For, death befell the one who ate. Your eyes open, you'll be like Gods, And never die as God had said. Poor Eve believed the charming words Uttered by mouth of wily snake! The tree looked good, so would its fruit; She thought the snake had told the truth! The apple looked so enticing That Eve decided to taste it. She longed for the wisdom it brought, And so decided to eat it. She ate some fruits and took one to The sleeping Adam; made him eat!

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